The company BHMW a.s. - The tradition of bottling healing natural mineral waters intended for drinking cures


European hydromineral curative establishments are historically based on the use of natural mineral waters with strong mineralization or some other physical properties. These waters are a complex solution of mineral salts and gases with different osmotic pressures, which can be successfully used in healing treatments. The effect of healing water as a specific mixture of mineral substances is used here for a therapeutic effect.

The science dealing with the therapeutic use of these complex mineralized springs is called balneology. We divide balneology into the science of external use of natural remedies (external balneology) and internal use (internal balneology) - which almost exclusively refers to drinking cures. The teachings of balneology are based on the empirical observation of positive effects, which science then tries to describe and develop as best as possible.

Healing waters bottled by BHMW

The company BHMW a.s. bottles the world-famous and most valuable waters intended for drinking cures. These waters have been known and used in European spas since its very beginning. Since the 18th century, they are considered generally known in the world's medical literature and encyclopaedias.

Our legendary healing mineral waters


The basic product is BILINSKA KYSELKA, naturally carbonated natural mineral water with 7300 mg/L TDS (2400 mg/L natural CO2). Historically it is also known under the names:: Biliner Sauerbrunn, BILIN water. This top-ranking healing mineral water has been used for a wide variety of diagnoses since 1664. Thanks to its taste properties, it has also taken a place in gastronomy and for the production of mixed drinks since the 18th century. In past centuries, its taste, influenced by softly dissolved carbon dioxide and a significant proportion of sodium bicarbonate, dominated the tables of European hotels and became a model for the production of artificially carbonated sodas.


An equally famous product is ZAJECICKA HORKA, a strongly mineralized source of bitter salt with 34 000 mg/L TDS. ZAJECICKA is not used as a thirst-quenching drink, but as a medicine. Historically, it is known abroad under the name SEDLITZ. This spring is a strong source of magnesium sulphate. Since 1725, the ZAJECICKA has become the main source of bitter salt for medicinal use in the world.

ZAJECICKA is an excellent and absolutely reliable remedy against constipation. It works mechanically - It dissolves the contents of the intestines. It is also a source of sulphates for natural metabolism and excretion of toxins - it acts as a natural detoxifier. It is also a strong source of natural magnesium.


RUDOLFUV PRAMEN (it means Rudolph's Spring in Czech) is also a naturally carbonated natural mineral water with 2400 mg/L TDS (2300 mg/L natural CO2). RUDOLFUV is the main healing spring of the spa town of Marienbad, which is part of the UNESCO list of Great European Spas.

RUDOLFUV stands out for its increased content of iron and calcium ions. Thanks to this, it has a characteristic orange-white colour. The spring is used in spas to treat the kidneys and urinary tract. It is also suitable for iron deficiency and as a source of calcium as a supplementary treatment for osteoporosis.


FERDINANDUV PRAMEN (it means Ferdinand's Spring in Czech) is a naturally carbonated natural mineral water with 436 mg/L TDS (2300 mg/L natural CO2).

Due to its low mineralization, it does not have a significant therapeutic effect, but it is used in spas for carbonated baths. However, this spring in particular stands out for its delicious taste, which is why it has gained great popularity among Marienbad spa guests.